2017-01-31: APP4MC 0.7.2 is available.

The official release of Eclipse APP4MC is available.


2016-11-03: APP4MC 0.7.1 is available.

The new development cycle is established: updates will be published every 3 month.


2016-07-28: APP4MC 0.7.0 is available.

The first update of the platform as part of the Eclipse APP4MC project is available.


2016-01-13: visit us at Embedded World 2016 (23-25.02.2016)

The AMALTHEA4public project will present the latest development of the AMALTHEA/APP4MC platform in hall 4-160 (placed on the Eclipse booth area).

 2015-11-27: An updated version of AMALTHEA 1.1.1 Version is available.

Due to performance issues by loading big data an update at the model importer was necessary. You do not need to update as long as you don't have trouble with the loading performance. The Version difference you can see by time stamp.

 2015-11-11: The AMALTHEA / APP4MC presentation during Eclipsecon 2015

is now online and published on youtube

 2015-10-15: A new version of the AMALTHEA (V1.1.1) Tool Platform is available.

Release Notes (selection)

Model handling
  • Changed serialized model references to name based references
  • Restricted model scope to surrounding folder (without sub folders)
Model changes
  • Added HwAccessPath to hardware model to describe an access path either by using latencies or available hardware elements
  • Added Modes to common model and ModeLabels to software model to describe alternative execution paths of tasks
  • Added Requirements to constraints model to describe quality requirements for the dynamic architecture
  • New AMALTHEA Trace Database (ATDB) Import
    to create an AMALTHEA model from a trace

 The AMALTHEA Tool Platform can now be downloaded from the Download Section !

 2015-08-12: A new version of the AMALTHEA (V1.1.0) Tool Platform is available.

 The AMALTHEA Tool Platform can now be downloaded from the Download Section !

 2015-07-09: AMALTHEA4public news on Bosch, Eclipse & Co....

2015-07-08: Robert Bosch GmbH press release on AMALTHEA4public project

 2015-06-16: AMALTHEA4public platform is going to be an Eclipse project. Project proposal is now online

2015-06-11: upcoming speeches on AMALTHEA4public

2015-06-17: EMCC Embedded Multi-Core Conference

2015-06-15: International Conference "Innovative Software Development in Automotive" EUROFORUM

2015-04-15: Recent publications and articles for AMALTHEA and AMALTHEA4public

Eclipse (March 2015)

Publication (January 2015)
Model-Based Automotive Partitioning and Mapping for Embedded Multicore Systems (Abstract, Full Paper)

2015-01-15: ITEA & ARTEMIS Co-summit 2015

The 2015 Co-summit will be held in the Berlin Congress Center - bcc on 10 & 11 March. The Co-summit is jointly organised by ITEA, the EUREKA Cluster on Software-intensive Systems & Services and by ARTEMIS Industry Association, the association for actors in Embedded & Cyber-Physical Systems within Europe.

The 7th edition of the Co-summit, featuring international keynote speakers, a high level panel discussion, an inspiring project exhibition including speakers corners fuelled by the project teams themselves, is dedicated to ‘Smart Industry: impact of software innovation’.

During the entire Co-summit, visitors will be able to roam around the project exhibition of around 75 leading European R&D&I projects and witness the impact of software innovation. Both ITEA and ARTEMIS projects will showcase their results in terms of innovation, business impact and exploitation. Be sure to expect exciting stories and state-of-the-art live demos!

Registration is open now – Deadline is 13 February 2015 - subject to availability

For more Co-summit information and registration, please go to the ITEA-ARTEMIS co-summit website

2014-08-12: AMALTHEA in the news (in German)

heise Developer (2014-07-01)
AMALTHEA: Modellbasierte Entwicklung von Multicore-Systemen

elektroniknet (2014-07-01)
Modellbasiert für Multi-Core

Embedded Linux (2014-07-10)
AMALTHEA Tool Platform freigegeben

Hanser automotive (2014-07-15)
Durchgängige Werkzeugunterstützung für die Entwicklung von Multi-Core-Systemen

2014-07-15: A Forum has been added to support the use and the application of the AMALTHEA platform. If you have questions or hints for improvement please let us know: Enter Forum

2014-06-10: AMALTHEA4public has been labelled by ITEA3. The project will built a continuous development tool chain platform for automotive embedded multicore systems based on results of various public funded projects by using the AMALTHEA methodology:

2014-06-04: The official Open-Source-Release of the AMALTHEA Tool Platform is available.

(Update) The AMALTHEA Tool Platform can now be downloaded from the Download Section !

2013-12-05: The AMALTHEA project won the ITEA2 Exhibition Award 2013 at the ARTEMIS/ITEA Co-Summit in Stockholm:

2013-11-04: AMALTHEA is represented at the ITEA & ARTEMIS Co-summit 2013 on 4-5 December in Stockholm:

2013-10-02: A preview release of the AMALTHEA platform is available: